Treatment Testimonials:

Auriona E

I came in to see Dr Péter Mester ND, LMT suffering from acute back pain after intense outdoor activity and long travel days. Dr Péter was easily the best I've ever had. He relieved my back pain, realigned my spine and left me feeling euphoric


I can't think of a better way to ring in the New Year than by praising Dr Péter  supports my goals in my healthcare and lifestyle. One visit from 2016 that highlights his approach and true care for his clients took place when I had scheduled to see Peter for some deep body work due to significant neck and shoulder pain.

Dr Péter's ability to find the trouble spots and therapeutically work the muscles is unsurpassable and not for the faint of heart. If you are still searching for the perfect massage you need to schedule with Dr Péter! 

Not only has he provided some of the most therapeutic approaches that worked for me he also recognized that I could benefit from some additional treatment. My pain level entering the clinic that day was significantly reduced and put me back on track. Thank you  Dr Péter! - My goal is to see you from a well being approach and reduce the need for treatment for symptoms. I truly believe he can help me achieve my goals.


I am very grateful to Dr Péter for introducing me to Applied Psycho-Neurobiology, a process of emotional healing. Dr Péter has been trained by the best in the world for APN and he knows what he is doing. It is a fascinating approach to emotional release and understanding of how our bodies physically harbor feelings. Thank You Dr Péter!

- Laura 
Dr Péter was the greatest help to me and my family. He came to our house with his emf/microwave meters and other testing devices and was able to determine certain areas in my house that had electromagnetic field levels way beyond what is considered healthy. With that information, our electricians determined that the mainline water pipe under the house was magnetized — my bed was right over the water line. No wonder I was so fatigued all the time and sleeping above that magnetized water pipe just made things worse. The plumber was able to replace a small section of the metal water pipe out at the curb with PVC, which stopped the electrical current in the waterline. With that easy fix, our house regained healthy EMF levels and our health greatly improved. I wouldn’t have even known about the connection between EMF and health issues were it not for Dr Péter’s guidance, testing and advice. Dr Péter was very helpful in advising as to areas that may have high EMF levels and testing levels at all the beds and other areas where family members spend a lot of time. My family is very grateful for Dr Péter Mester help.

J. P. H., D.C. Beverly Hills

Dr Péter Mester has been working  in my office for the past many years.

In that time he has exhibited high level of professionalism demonstrated by his punctuality, work attire, and grooming habits. He has an ability to focus on a problem area and work it out, whether using deep myofascial stripping or light touch massage. 

He is able to accommodate and adjust his massage depth and his techniques for the individual. He has no doubt been an asset to our office, and my patients will miss him.I have enjoyed working with him and I expect that his new clients will as well.If you have any questions regarding his employment history, please feel free to contact my office.

Dr. A. S., DC Beverly Hills
Dr Péter was an excellent MT in my office and was  always punctual, ready to give his best. He was well liked by all of our patients and was always empathetic toward their pain and discomfort. Out of all of the massage therapists that had over the years, He is by far the best in skills and professionalism.

Dr Péter is simply one of the most intuitive, informed and skilled massage therapists I have ever experienced. I have a background in holistic health and massage therapy; I could tell immediately that he far surpassed even some of the instructors and massage therapists that I have encountered in my past. He was able to discern within minutes the best approaches and modalities needed for the issues I presented to him. I encourage anyone who wants to have a life-changing massage that heals and renews to see Peter

Jan H.
I was referred to Dr Péter for deep tissue massage following an exacerbation of pain with oseoarthritis in neck and back. I have also had his full body Swedish massage. He is very professional, respectful, attentive, and strong. I have had massages for over 30 years, and I put him in the top four massage therapists I have ever experienced. He really knows his profession. If you need help for physical problems, start with him. Just make sure to drink plenty of water!

Kristen O.
I have had issues with my back and neck for many years and as a result have had countless massages. I was lucky enough to get a massage today from Peter and it was bar none the best massage I've ever had. He is a master of deep tissue work and knew exactly where my problem areas were. I highly recommend him!

Charles V. 
 "I've been seeing Dr Péter for over one year on a weekly basis. He  is intuitive and talented, both gentle and strong, he understands the body and how to make you feel as you just had the most amazing and healing treat. After seeing him it's hard to see anyone else, I can honestly say that this is the best massage treatment I had ever had. I highly-highly recommend him!"

Claudia F.:
Dr Péter was very nice, asked about my pain issues and what I wanted from the massage, and I made sure I asked for deep tissue. His basic warm up was much firmer and more vigorous than any I've ever had, and I admit I wasn't sure what to think about that. Concern? Delight? Nervous anticipation?

His deep tissue massage is NO JOKE. It was by far the best deep tissue I've had. Period. He really dug in where I needed it, and had great technique. He'd find a knot, and not just go over it, he'd pause there, and then go THROUGH it. It was just what I needed for the chronic back and upper trap issues I have. Of course, he'll back off the pressure when you ask, but if you can take it, let him do his thing.

Seriously, if you love an intense deep tissue, see him. Not for wimps!

Flower F.:
I made the appointment with Dr Péter, I think he is from some part of Europe judging by his accent. This guy has a very healthy and strong appearance and actually he took the time to listen to my concerns. He listened closely to my inquiries.. He only asked me one question at the very beginning of the massage. He asked if I like strong deep tissue or lighter deep tissue. I told him I like very deep. He said, Ok, just let him know if he goes too deep, because he can go really deep.

Oh Boy... His warming up technique was already very firm and I immediately started to loosen up. This guy believe me, gives an unbelievable massage. He took care of my shoulder and neck like nobody ever before. I dont know where he's from, who sent him, where he's got his skills, but his body work is exceptional. Even massage therapists In Hawaii hotels which we used to go to visit for vacation every year cant compare to his skill. The leg massage he gave me was also excellent, I never had anybody doing my thighs like that. Ok, so the next time he talked to me during massage was when he asked me to turn over to my back. He did not chit-chat, he was just focusing on my nuts and tight areas.

Monica L:

Tonite, I had Dr Péter as my massage therapist for a deep tissue. He was very good. He probably gave me the best neck massage I've ever had. And I've probably had over 100 massages by now, every two weeks or so. I've been to Burke Williams numerous times, Grand Hyatt, Four Seasons, etc. He is very strong , but you tell him it hurts and he stops immediately. He gives an outstanding thigh massage too. In the past, all the therapist keep trying to go up and down my IT band and that thing is tight and I just want to scream, but he does a good rhythmic but strong rub. his back massage was very strong, used his elbows up and down the back a lot; His technique on the whole is very good. He also respects your silence and does not try to chat you up.

"If civilized man is to survive, he must incorporate the fundamentals of primitive nutritional wisdom into his modern life-style."
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