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"When Diet is wrong Medicine is of no use.
When Diet is correct Medicine of no need.."

The Klinghardt Axiom
"The body always strives to achieve equilibrium between stored unresolved emotional issues, toxins storage and the presence of pathogenic microbes.

The reverse Axiom: A Patient can not be "detoxed" beyond the degree to which also emotional issues are released.
The body burden of stored toxins predicts the presence of pathogenic microbes: The immune system cannot achieve dominion in contaminated body compartments. Microbes grow and prosper proportional to the amount of toxins stored."

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 Autonomic Response Testing (ART) is a system of evaluation developed by Dietrich Klinghardt, MD, Ph.D, and Lousia Williams, DC, ND. ART uses muscle testing through biofeedback of the Autonomic Nervous System (ANS) to determine disturbances and potential remedies.

ART is a Functional Assessment used by the Holistic/ Integrative Doctor or health practitioner to determine bodily function (or dysfunction), not specific diseases. Dr. Klinghardt blended the muscle testing of American Applied Kinesiology with the understanding of the anatomy and physiology of German Neural Therapy to develop ART.

The result is a highly structured and sophisticated muscle testing biofeedback system designed to give reliable and reproducible results. A medical assessment tool (like ART) that records generalized and localized ANS disturbance can be helpful in determining the root causes of health disturbances.

Autonomic Response Testing (ART) grew out of the importance of detecting and correcting problems of the autonomic nervous system. ART allows the practitioner to correct the problems of the ANS and to help restore the self regulating mechanism of the body allowing the patient to return to a state of health.

How is ART different from other types of muscle testing ?

ART is different from other forms of muscle testing in that is uses the latest findings of quantum and biophotonic physics to aid in the assessment of the body. This allows for a much deeper level of testing not available before to traditional kinesiologists.

It is essentially an advanced form of kinesiology that utilizes the autonomic nervous system as an indicator of stress on the body. It screens everything against a weak arm and this is where the majority of the infections typically appear.

We find in our experience that testing with traditional kinesiology, important information is often missed. This is because the body is so stressed by toxins and other microbes that the autonomic nervous system is not responding and will not allow the strong arm to go weak. This is what we call “blocked regulation”.

ART can be a useful indicator of toxins within the body, nutritional deficiencies, structural problems, energetic disturbances such as scars, food intolerances, geopathic stress, unresolved psycho-emotional issues and more.

Tools such as a polarization filter and signal enhancers are used to get stronger, clearer feedback from the body. ART often finds things that are missed with traditional kinesiology. ART pracitioners, in general, also have the ability to test for a wider variety of root causes of illness, including specific infections, toxins, and emotional disturbances.

Can ART diagnose diseases ?
ART is used along with traditional tests, to determine the root causes of illness. It is not used to diagnose diseases.

How accurate is ART testing ?
ART has been shown to be the most accurate of all kinesiology techniques, with the best reproducibility and inter-examiner reliability.

A.R.T. Preparations

1. Put daily dosage of all supplements, primary and secondary in separate labeled zip lock bags.

2. Make ten to fifteen separate index cards of your most commonly eaten foods. We will be testing these to ensure they are good for you.

3. Fibers from cloths, carpet, lint, etc.

4. Label four empty plastic water bottles and place them at the four corners of your bed (with the lid on.) for forty-eight
hours prior to the appointment. This will be used to check geopathic stress levels. You can also place a water bottle at your favorite spot on your couch. Make sure that you number the bottles around the bed.

5. If you wish to test your household items such as: tooth paste, soap, lint from pocket, etc, you can bring them with you.

6. In a zip-lock bag bring a small amount of hair of your pet.

7. Please make sure that you do not wear black outfit at the time of the assessment, NOR ANY COLOGNE!

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Dr Dietrich Klinghardt MD, PhD


"If civilized man is to survive, he must incorporate the fundamentals of primitive nutritional wisdom into his modern life-style."
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We Use Autonomic Response Testing (ART) to gather information about your current health. (ART taught by Dr Klinghardt. In recognition of his work. Klinghardt received the Physician of the Year award from the Global Foundation of Integrative Medicine in May 2007, and the 2011 Physician of the Year Award for the International Academy of Biological Dentistry and Medicine.)

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